Friday, May 21, 2010

Giveaway Craziness (and the winners are...)

Okay, my fingers are exhausted and my eyes are burning. I'm not sure I should have set out to look at every single giveaway, but I made it through the lists. And it's funny. I found that sometimes I subscribed to blogs but didn't enter the giveaway, and sometimes I entered the giveaway, but didn't follow the blog, but only a few times did I do both. Maybe it is my rebellious nature that makes me resist following just for an extra chance to win something. I also found that I entered many more giveaways for supplies than finished items. That must go hand in hand with my resistance to buy things I could possibly make, which is why, for example, I have not had a pair of slippers in four years (well, until my lovely sister-in-law gave me some for Christmas, anyway.)

Oh, wait a minute. You wanted to know who won my giveaway? Sheesh. Of course. I can be a little slow sometimes.

There were several entries that made me laugh. I'll try to get back a little later and show some of them to you. But the kids are running around crazy and I just need to get this done. This last sentence, between the phone and the kids and getting dressed and breakfast - almost an hour. Serious. The rest I wrote last night. See the difference?

So the big winners are...

Lindsay  who said...
 I'm not sure how old your kids are but here it goes,
An ion walked into a bar and said "bartender, I think I left and electron here" the bartender say "Are you positive?"
Erin who said...
Whew, the pressure's on. This one has been a favorite in our house for a while.
Knock, knock
Who's there
Interrupting cow
Interrupti - -
Haha! Happy laughing and thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsay, you made my husband snort, which is no small feat. And Erin was the first (but not only) person who posted the interrupting cow joke that is the all around family favorite.  I'll send an e-mail out to you guys.
And hopefully I'll be back with a few more doozies later. Thanks everyone for taking part. I have to tell you, I can't believe there were SO many responses. And I actually tripled my followers, which I was certainly not expecting. Talk about the pressure being on, now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Hello there, peeps from Sew, Mama, Sew! Welcome to my blog and my little giveaway. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cricket. I live in Maine, I have two adorable feisty daughters and a really fantastic husband. He is not feisty at all, so they must get it all from me. I am a knitter, a sewer and a general crafting type. Right now, I have a barn full of old furniture I am thinking of restoring/upgrading. And I'm pretty sure I will be homeschooling both kids next year for preschool and first grade. Let me tell you, my house is a disaster and there are piles of laundry everywhere. Which is why it is a good time for a giveaway.

So on with the giveaway! Last year was so cool, I really wished I had been on my game and hosted a giveaway. So while haphazard, I am putting something together this year - 10 pm on Sunday evening. Please don't hold it against me that these pictures are crap.Imagine everything a little brighter, a little prettier. Yeah, that's it.

First, I have a sewing giveaway. Because I could not think of a better theme, this prize package is a rainbow of fat quarters. Here they are. Some of them you may recognize, all are quality quilting cotton and some of them were even bought from Sew, Mama, Sew. Apropos, I know.

Oh man will I ever be glad to get rid of those clowns. I hope someone out there likes clowns, because I can't stand them. That purchase was a momentary lapse of reason.

The second item I have to offer is also a rainbow of sorts, but, well, not. I'm pretty sure all of these are Frog Tree Alpaca, probably sport weight. I had a growing problem with all my yarn getting in a major tangle, and I got in a snit and wound all the skeins into cakes with the help of Ivy, who is 3. When we were done, there were labels fluttering about the room, some with drawings of princesses on the back. So - while I am pretty sure this is Frog Tree, I can't be positive. I'm also pretty sure my mother-in-law had a first and last knitting lesson with the maroon. Yeah. TMI?

So you can enter one or both. Leave me a comment that will make me laugh. Tell me a good story or a joke. Or a joke my kids will like because it will in fact be my kids will choose a name for each prize. Why? Because, well, it seems more fun than the random generator. So clean jokes and stories, I guess. We can all read them aloud and whoever makes us pee our pants (not hard for a certain little judge I know) wins.

And also, while I have you all here. I want to show you something I'm working on.

Suddenly I'm all addicted to hand sewing these tiny little hexagons. They're paper pieced, and I want there to be not more than a couple pieces of each pattern.  So if there is any other cracked soul out there who wants to do a scrap swap of pieces at least 4"x4", give me a holler. I thought my scrap bin was big. Heck, I thought my stash was huge. But really? Not so much. I need some help here.

By the way, please feel free to look around my disjointed blog. I would be thrilled if you want to follow, but it won't get you a better chance to win, so only do it if you enjoy my lopsided view of life and my cantankerous ways. And hey - I hope you win something!