Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm not a very good -alonger. For the most part, my intentions and desires are good, and my follow-through is poor. I'm proud if occasionally I can link up to something on time. But I'm determined to -along with this free-motion-quilt-along. I've always been curious about free motion quilting. When I made Ivy's quilt, I just used my walking foot which was a pain in the kishka. And then I bought a free motion foot, but I have never really done anything worthwhile with it. So to prove my - what... intent? desire? Heck, I always have those. Anyway, I actually went and made the quilt top so I could free-motion-along. And here it is.

It is intentionally simple - I followed the instructions provided. (Amazing, I know.) But since I didn't have an entire bolt width of a third fabric I liked, I pieced those two brown fat quarters. And I really, really like it. It's crib size, and I do happen to know someone having a baby boy in December. So it if turns out well, it will be a gift. If not, it will just be.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christmas crafting

For weeks now, I've had the best of intentions to start working on my Christmas projects for Deb's Present-a-Week {till Christmas}-along. Seeing as how she is now in week 5, and I have finally gotten off my duff to get something done, I am feeling rather smug. After all - isn't that just one gift I don't have to worry about later? I also read something on Indie House that struck a chord within me. She said (and I hope she doesn't mind I'm quoting her here, but I'll link it for you)

I think Christmas has become to much about impressing people and less about giving gifts people would use and oh say actually need.

Impressing people. Yeah that. It is a battle I wage with myself every year. I either feel too cheap, or I feel ostentatious. But if I somehow managed to make something that someone would love - well that is neither cheap nor ostentatious. So I'm all about the handmade holidays this year. Seriously. So here is present #1:

I had a hard time with this pattern. It wasn't difficult, or complicated, but somehow I managed to knit the two halves (that I then grafted together in the center) so that no matter what I did, the points did not align in the center. It was also kind of a panic fest because I was left with approximately 4 inches of yarn after all was said and done. Talk about cutting it close. And while I am griping, I will also say that I don't like how floppy the cowl is. I added one repeat to make up for my smaller-than-called-for yarn, but to me it is just too floppy. That said, I will also add that some people like floppy, no one will ever notice the issue with the points, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and it is smooshy as all get-out. So while not a personal triumph, I give it an A giftwise. Here is it Raveled.