Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being thankful

Giveaway week makes me giddy. I think it is amazing that 351 people wanted something that I could give them, which is exciting. I'm a giver at heart. It makes me feel good inside. I love to please people, make them happy. I like to be liked. I like kindness in myself and in others. So I love all those comments, and people just hopping around being friendly.

Now, can you possibly imagine that I was lucky enough to win four different giveaways? Seriously. That makes me think I should not be entering so many of them! But then after I won the third prize, I decided that for each prize I won, I would give out another prize. So a few more winners are in order. Three of them. Maybe not exactly the same prize, but definitely good ones.

First I decided to give a prize to one of my followers. Even though I only post twice a year, I seemed to have gained another 10 followers or so this week. Thanks, people! So Yana, who does not have a blog because her "English is bad" (Excuse me, Yana? I beg to differ!) wins some threads from me.

Then I decided to give a prize to the person who made the best pizza suggestion. That person is Christie, who suggested beets with carmelized onions and feta. My husband likes beets on hamburgers, so chances are he will eat them on pizza, too. Which is good, since he is pretty picky. Christie also writes poetry every day, which is something I once aspired to and yet now it has been 10 years since I wrote any. Hmm.

And the last person I chose was someone I was going to send some threads to anyway, because she is the most generous person I can think of. She cares deeply and gives from the heart. Giving her some tools to do her deeds of goodwill makes me feel like I am doing a little goodwill, too. So Deb will be getting a package in the mail, too.

So there you have it. 3 extra winners. It's almost like the party after the party. You know, when all the regular people leave and it's just you and your friends hanging out at the end amidst the rubble?

I wish I had a picture for you. Because every post needs a picture, right? Oh, wait! Here! I just grabbed this off my phone.

The girls passed their karate test and each have a new belt. I am really proud of them. Not only that? I passed my final algebra exam with an 88. Not too shabby. I might squeak by with an A for the semester. Maybe. If not? I'm pretty proud of myself, anyway. But I am glad I have 4 weeks off before my next algebra class starts!

So I'll try to post some pictures soon of the things I have been making this year. It never seems like I get much accomplished until I look around and see just how many things I have made. Not only that? But the girls now know if they want something they can ask mommy and I will figure out how to make it. I think that is an important lesson that will serve them well. If you want it? Make it.


Wow, that was an overwhelming response to my giveaway! 351 comments! The winner of the prize is Goosegirl. You can check out the beautiful things she makes at one of her blogs Goosegirl Sews. She has a couple other blogs to that I have yet to look at. Makes me feel just a tad bit lazy, I must say. She keeps up three blogs and I have one poor, languishing, orphaned one? Well, more on that later. Now I am off to take the girls to karate where I will try to eek in a little more studying for my algebra final before I have to be at the test at noon. The girls are having a test today, too. A belt test. Blue is a purple belt, Ivy (at just 4 years old!) is an orange belt.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Giveaway Day!

My favorite day of the year! I have all but abandoned my blog, but I feel compelled to join giveaway day anyway. It is so much fun! Here is what I have to give away today. Lucky you!

A baker's dozen DMC Pearl cotton floss size 8. Retails for about $2.50 a spool (95 yards) but I just happened to find it in the salvage store yesterday for 25 cents per spool. So I got you one of each color I got myself. (Honestly, I got some of every color they had. I'm no fool!)

Grammie and Grampie Blue with their grandson Dusty.
The inter-racial Browne family.
Mr. and Mrs. Scarlett with their twins Rosie and Rusty.
The Greene's (Mrs. is expecting soon, but not soon enough).
And last but not least, the enigmatic Professor Naranja.

To enter my giveaway, please note: I will not award my prize to anyone who doesn't leave an individualized response. If I read the same comment by you that I see on every other blog, if you are the winner, I will choose another. Got it? Now. For the rest of you: I would like to know what odd yet delicious things you eat on your pizza? We eat a lot of pizza around here, and I'm actually getting a little tired of buffalo chicken and blue cheese, potato and pesto, artichoke hearts with carmelized onions. So - some suggestions. If you don't like pizza, you can tell me why. I can't even begin to imagine. But I have a little girl who does not like pizza. And yes, we force her to eat it. Mean, mean parents. I will choose my winner on December 16th and mail by the 21st. And yes, I will ship internationally. Now stop reading and go check out all those amazing giveaways. Good luck! Hope you win something! 

Please, people, if you are not sure your e-mail account is tied to your profile, either write your e-mail address in your comments, or check out this tutorial I just pulled up off the web and fix it. If no one has your address, you can't win! It's not just me - you might be winning lots of prizes and you will never, ever know about it. About 1/4 of the replies I have gotten are No-Reply, which means if they are picked, I will have to choose another winner. Now go fix it, so you win!