Saturday, March 20, 2010

My real first quilt

I made this quilt for my best friend's third baby boy. Let me tell you, I would only do it for my bestest best friend. My fingers where tattered and bleeding when I was done. Why, you ask? Only because I had no earthly idea what I was doing.

See that lovely hand quilting? The applique? I don't quite know what was inside this quilt. It sure as heck wasn't Warm and Natural. It probably wasn't even polyester batting from Wal-Mart. Knowing me, it was an old blanket of some sort in there. And I wondered why it was so dang hard to quilt.

I only remember feeling like it was an endless task. And it was pretty small. Meant to be crib sized. Or maybe drag-around-the-house-until-it-is-in-tatters size. I'm glad I did it, though. Her second boy got a basketweave knit blanket. Also an endless task, but it helped me to learn to knit. Oh, that was a long time ago. It was acrylic. Ugh. But the first boy? The first boy got a lava lamp. WTF, Cricket?

But looking at this quilt? The thing that stands out the most? Damn, that floor looks nice. Freshly painted, not chipped or worn, not covered with stickers, paint that doesn't really come off, sticky foam or applesauce. And absolutely no dog hair. Even though I had two dogs. I tell ya, I'd trade that pretty floor for the wee princesses of the household any day. But it sure would be nice to have the magic painting fairy stop by again.

Incidentally, tomorrow I am painting my mother's kitchen ceiling. My mother's cathedral kitchen ceiling. Which is also her bedroom ceiling. Wish me luck. I'm being paid with a Wii. Pretty sweet deal for both of us seeing as how the professional painted gave her a quote of $450.


  1. Love the quilt. It looks awesome! Good luck with the painting... be careful on the ladder!

  2. Ahh Cricket! Your posts crack me up. A lava lamp! Well, how old is that baby boy now? I bet he appreciates it now! I know my 7 year old thinks lava lamps are ultra cool.
    Speaking of ultra cool, that quilt definitely is. All your posting of first quilts is inspiring me to dig mine out and maybe do a post about it.
    Right now I am at my friend's house and we are working on a pillow case tutorial for her blog. It has taken us all day to do the dang thing, of course it doesn't help that we have 5 kids running around between the two of us!
    Keep up the good work:)

  3. Haha. Sweet little lava lamp boy just turned (gulp) 12. The littlest is now 7, I believe. Thanks for admiring the quilt. I am not usually so patriotic, but I knew my friend would like it - I started it in 2002 when we were all still in a post 9/11 stunned state. In fact, I think it was a story on NPR about family and quilts and the appreciation of simple things that motivated me to make this.

    Do let me know when you finish your tutorial. I keep meaning to do one, but I have to find the time, while there is sun, and the kids are in the mood for it. Ha.

  4. I think it's beautiful! I've never attempted and probably never will try a quilt.

  5. Ooh la la, your first quilt! Good for you, girlfriend!!! :) I bet your friend will absolutely adore it. It's fabulous!