Sunday, June 6, 2010


It just makes apples more fun.

A Boy and his Blob: a sculpture - one of Blue's favorite Wii games lately.

My pottery is getting better. Sort of.

Butterfly mobile I made for Blue. I hung it up over her bed while she was sleeping so she saw it when she woke up. Jason happened to be sleeping in there (we play a lot of musical beds in this house) and said she gasped when she saw it.

It is summer. Ivy inherited her dad's strawberry blond curls, but she inherited my humidity inspired curls, too. Curls upon curls lately.

Blue is growing out her bangs. When she wears her black Mario shirt and her hair down, she looks like a stoner. But if I make a rainbow in her hair, she'll let me put it up sometimes. She's playing Boy and his Blog. Backpack? Check. Jellybeans? Check. Ivy is always relegated to the roll of Blog. "Gulp!"


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  2. Ooh!! I want a rainbow in my hair and a butterfly mobile too!

    I just sent you an email from my "pink and green" account - you were the winner of my Rae Grant book giveaway -- Congratulations!

    pink and green mama