Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christmas crafting

For weeks now, I've had the best of intentions to start working on my Christmas projects for Deb's Present-a-Week {till Christmas}-along. Seeing as how she is now in week 5, and I have finally gotten off my duff to get something done, I am feeling rather smug. After all - isn't that just one gift I don't have to worry about later? I also read something on Indie House that struck a chord within me. She said (and I hope she doesn't mind I'm quoting her here, but I'll link it for you)

I think Christmas has become to much about impressing people and less about giving gifts people would use and oh say actually need.

Impressing people. Yeah that. It is a battle I wage with myself every year. I either feel too cheap, or I feel ostentatious. But if I somehow managed to make something that someone would love - well that is neither cheap nor ostentatious. So I'm all about the handmade holidays this year. Seriously. So here is present #1:

I had a hard time with this pattern. It wasn't difficult, or complicated, but somehow I managed to knit the two halves (that I then grafted together in the center) so that no matter what I did, the points did not align in the center. It was also kind of a panic fest because I was left with approximately 4 inches of yarn after all was said and done. Talk about cutting it close. And while I am griping, I will also say that I don't like how floppy the cowl is. I added one repeat to make up for my smaller-than-called-for yarn, but to me it is just too floppy. That said, I will also add that some people like floppy, no one will ever notice the issue with the points, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and it is smooshy as all get-out. So while not a personal triumph, I give it an A giftwise. Here is it Raveled.


  1. Hurray for you! don't forget to link up will you xxx
    ps doesn't it feel great???

  2. That's very pretty. I wish I was a better knitter. I'm sure the recipient will love it.

  3. Thanks! i hope so - she lives in Maryland, and they don't have much call for foul weather gear, but they had two blizzards last year, so who knows what will happen. In any case, it is bound to look good on her, because she is a redhead.

  4. Yay for joining in, and what a beautiful colour! I know what you mean about being disenchanted with Christmas gifts- since getting in-laws Christmas gifts became very stressful- I call it "the escalating hostilities of Christmas". For the last two years I've hand-made nearly all of my gifts, and I'm back to enjoying Christmas again! I wrote a post linking to the "Corporate Free Christmas" movement, you might like to check them out:


  5. I think your cowl looks great! I love the color of the yarn, too. I knit a lot of Christmas gifts last year...hats and such for my family. I need to get going on more gifts for this year, too, although I think it will be a combination of knit gifts and some kind of sewn gifts this year.