Friday, February 20, 2009


After only a couple hours wrestling with the 'automatic buttonholer', I finally figured it out. I admit I was daunted by the idea of making buttonholes, but my sewing options were going to be limited until I learned how to do it. Thankfully I found a video on YouTube (what isn't on YouTube?) that gave me a modicum of confidence. More confidence than my cryptic instruction manual, that's for sure.

And then suddenly, what seemed so difficult, so unfinishable, was finished.

I'm going to ignore the ragged inside for the time being. Perhaps I'll wrap it in bias tape later, but this weekend we are going to visit relatives and Blue will be wearing it. You can see where I kept trying to get the piping the right width. I wasn't quite careful enough when pinning, I guess, although I took my time.

Did you notice the button? I was going to make little Totoros on the buttons, but suddenly Blue and I realized that Soot Sprites would be just the thing. We made them out of Polymer clay, and after I had finished those, Blue made a bunch more. And then a pig, and then a family of ducks. Polymer clay is her new favorite medium.

And the girl loves her dress. It's like a minor miracle around here. It is rare to see her in anything but stretch pants. Ugh, the stretch pants.

It has been a long time since I have made something just because. Because I was inspired, because it made me happy. I make a lot of things, but it is usually because I want to make someone else happy. That's who I am. I love to make other people happy, give generously, bestow surprises. But it is nice to do something just for me, too. And really, this was for me, not Blue. But I'm glad she likes it.


  1. My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourite movies! How clever of you to make a pinni with him on it. Looks fantastic. Cheers

  2. Thank you. Necessity really was the mother of this invention. I just needed a way to get Blue to wear the dress!