Monday, March 30, 2009


I made my first refashion in high school. I took one of my father's white work shirts, cut the collar off and left it mandarin style (I think that's what it's called) and drew Milo on the backwith a Sharpie. I loved Milo. *sigh* It was so easy to love a drawing of a fictional person based on a real person. High school was weird.

Then my parents sent me to Catholic school (we weren't even Catholic! Reform school, more like.) And I was required to wear a lovely wool kilt every day. Plus, I was only allowed to wear a white or yellow shirt, and navy or 'fleshtone' pantyhose. It was very hard to be fashionably creative in this environment, but I did manage to turn an old kilt into a pair of suspenders to jazz things up. Paired with an antique top hat, it made my kilt much more palatable. I had to take my top hat off in morality class, though.

So this whole trend of turning men's dress shirts into other things is really compelling for me.

For the fashionable mom from Just Tutes. I love this, but waiting for J to be done with 5 shirts is going to take awhile. He does have a nice assortment of stripes and plaids, though.

For the fashionable kiddo from Lillipops Designs. If I could get away with wearing things like this myself, I would. Hmmmm. Food for thought. I love every single thing in Lillipop's shop.

But everyone has to start somewhere, so I used Cheytown's Button Shirt to Button Dress tute which I seem to be the last person in blogland to try. But I am very pleased with the results.

When I cut it out, I made the inside of the shirt the outside of the dress, which gave me a nice instant sort of kickpleat in the middle. I did try the knifepleats for the trim at the top. For the bottom, I cut a curved piece hoping for a ruffle, but I think I didn't curve it enough and it is sort of just a contrasting hem. But I love it anyway. The length is a little over the top, but somehow matches the style. I think it kind of says "My dad was a goth and my mom watched Beetlejuice too many times, but I am really a princess, aren't I?"

Excuse the poor pictures. I was hoping to take some better ones, but with all the sawust in the house, it isn't going to happen any time soon.

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