Thursday, May 14, 2009

With a CRASH and a BURN.

I've mentioned that Blue has clothing issues. I vacillate between thinking I should sew all her clothes and thinking it's so much easier to buy all her clothes. Everything that is store bought has to be knit, which I despise, and if it feels good to her, chances are it looks garish to me. But she will wear the woven pajamas and dress I made her. So my thinking ran along this line: if Blue picks out the fabric, and I make her pants from a pattern I know she likes (or a very, very, very similar one), she is bound to like the pants I make. Right? Riiight? And she'll wear them without a fuss, right?

Enter exhibit #1: the oliver +s sandbox pants.

Look at those elephants! I love those elephants. How the whole thing came together to look like something I would have worn in 1976 is beyond me. When I saw what I had done, the song "Macho Man" ran through my head again and again. I honestly didn't think anyone could make oliver + s look so goofy.

BUT! She will like these pants, and she will wear these pants, and I will bite my tongue and ignore the fact that she looks like a disco preschooler.

Or maybe not. Because as is her way, Blue does the opposite of what I think she will do. She asks for pink pants with elephants? Yes! Yes! But when it comes time to wear said pants?

Sadly, no. She actually had the gall to tell me she would like them better if I made them out of 'some different cloth like my pajamas'. And sucker that I am? I will probably look for some softer cloth. These are made of Kona cotton, which , I admit, is not the softest stuff. But from the fuss you'd think I was trying to cram the girl into some Toughskins.

And on a better note - Mia's dress? 3T top, 4T bottom. Ka-ching!

By the way, I learned a couple little lessons while making this. The first was about print matching. This is so busy it's not awful, but I'd look closer before I did it again and line the print up better. The second lesson was: don't pink your seams when you are tired. Never, never, never.


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the elephants and the whole 1976 thing! (I'm a 70's girl... I can't help it). By the way, I'm excited that you are going to participate in the Craft it Forward project. Please email me you address so that I'll have it handy when I'm ready to send your happy mail, ok? Email me here: leafygreenes @

  2. love those pants! cute! Those elephants are great.