Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So busy

I often wonder where this blog is going. Am I writing it for myself? For you? For nobody? Is it a craft blog? An autism blog? A parenthood blog? Yes, all of the above I suppose.

It has been the most hectic of weeks. Blue's first gymnastic show, preschool graduation, IEP meeting, a visit to kindergarten, a friend's birthday party. Not to mention we will be leaving for my brother's big fancy wedding in three days and Blue will be a flower girl. No stress there.

But this afternoon? The IEP is done, and I feel very good about it. And school is over for the year. And in a couple hours our in-home support person will be here to work with Blue, and she will go with us to the birthday party, which means I might enjoy the party, too. So the moment - this moment, feels okay.

Here are the dresses I made for the girls to wear to the rehearsal. They will all have matching bloomers to go with the dresses

They crack me up. I was lucky to get even one good picture. It was just before graduation and they were 100% revved up. You can't see too well in this picture, but Ivy's dress has green piping and Blue's has yellow. And they all have matching sandles, too. Blue's are aqua, but Ivy's are green and Mia's are orange. Thanks, Children's Place. How did you know?

Here is their cousin Mia's dress.

They all had fancy handmade buttons on them - until Ivy ripped one of hers off during the graduation ceremony. Maybe superglue will help.

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  1. Thank you for posting your gazpacho recipe to my blog! I will definitely make that one- sounds like something I would love! Thanks for taking the time to drop by. By the way- your girls are darling! Sweet dresses, too!