Saturday, July 11, 2009

The big, big slide

Before Ivy was born, I made her a crib set. Alas, Ivy had her own ideas about things (thankfully we like that quality in a child) and she never actually slept in her crib. Not once. It did look beautiful, though.

In fact, her room was just darling, even though it was only 8 feet wide by 6 feet deep with steps to the attic occupying one corner. Humor me. I was so proud of my nesting prowess.
If you look back, you may notice that what used to be the nursery is now our sewing room - slash -  office. It all came down to the fact that we never really used the nursery. 
I've been thinking for awhile that I should make a quilt out of the crib set and today I got ambitious and ripped out all those seams and ironed. 
And here you have the "big, big slide". Ivy and Blue have been very into the slip and slide lately. No water running down this one, but that made it all the more fun. The slip and slide is a tad scary for two years old, even when she pushes herself to keep up with her big sister.
The question is, how to manipulate what I have to make a quilt. Her favorite blanket is 'the squares' - the quilt my sister made my husband and me, so I want to make her a quilt of her own. It would be nice if she would attach to her own little blanket or stuffed animal before we move her to her own bed at some unforseeable point in the future
I have a plan, I think, but it will require a little scrimping and pinching with the light blue. It's a fine wale courderoy which I'm hoping will be okay for quilting. I've never quilted anything before. Yikes. This will be good practice for the bigger quilt I have in mind to make. I was inspired by this quilt which is utterly amazing. And to think she did it all with squares. Crazy. I'm fascinated, though, because with just one base color, I can pick any fabric I have, or any fabric I want to buy, and make something cohesive without a big plan. I mean, I have a sort of a plan in mind. Well, I have a sort of pallette anyway. 
I'm now off to put Ivy to bed - my bed - so I can slip off to the sewing room - formerly her room - to make her a quilt for her new room, whatever that may be.

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  1. Yeah I think cribs are pretty over-rated too. Although we currently all sleep in the living room because the upstairs is to hot, and sometimes in the winter we are all down there too because the upstairs is to cold! I have my first quilt top done and now I have to figure out the whole quilting thing. I've heard of a disappearing 9 patch would that work?