Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's coming along

Ivy's quilt is making slow but sure progress. This is my first ever machine quilting experience, and so far it is going okay. It's a lot of shifting and rolling and stopping and starting. I'm using my walking foot because I don't have a darning foot, but I think it isn't really meant for the sort of thing I'm doing. Essentially it is just really tedious.

Since the whole quilt is fairly free form, so is the quilting. I'm pretty pleased with it, even if it is not perfect. There are stripes on the sashing and the coins are - well, shorter stripes.

You can see my ambling on the back.

Here is the whole back. And can you see what I used? A big ol' slab of Flea Market Fancy.
Part of me feels like a heathen novice quilter,  but it is so deliciously soft. And while the front is a brighter color pallet, the back is slightly more sedate, and the FMF just helped pull it all together.
School starts next week. Little Ivy will be in preschool. It doesn't seem like she should  be old enough, but mama is ready for a couple hours a week to herelf. Seriously ready. In fact, maybe a little too ready.

Blue is starting kindergarten next week. It amazes me that kids are already in school. My sister is a teacher, and by now she is in full swing. I'm sure you will hear a little school bus sob story next week. It seems impossible that this time has come around. I honestly never really thought it would. I thought, in fact, that she would be three or four forever.

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  1. Lovely, lovely! I haven't done any quilting for ages (my sewing machine bit the dust), but one of these days I'll delve in again. Just writing to follow up for the Craft it Forward goodies I'll be sending out next week, and I can't seem to find your address. You probably sent it to me, but will you send it again? My email is leafygreenes at Thanks, and have a lovely weekend!