Friday, February 26, 2010

My second first quilt

Hooray! I'm so excited that I finally finished Ivy's quilt. You might remember that it started as this.

And I just chopped and stitched and chopped and stitched. Even at the end I was still chopping a little. I don't think this is how a quilt is supposed to be made, but it worked. The whole thing is a little wonky, but we're pretty pleased with it anyway.

Here is the back.

I really love that blue binding with the flea market fancy. And the Flea Market Fancy is so very soft for snuggling. The flowers at the other end aren't as soft, though.

Don't let her fool you. She's not asleep. Three year olds. Sigh.

Someday I will find the pictures of my first first quilt, which was crib sized for my best friend's third baby and included applique and was completely hand quilted. Back before I knew a thing about what I was doing (very different from now...)  It was majorly traumatic, but very cute in the end.


  1. That looks absolutely awesome. And she will keep it forever!! Well done you I love it.

  2. Brilliant idea to reuse the same quilt bits! I love to see smart re-crafing like that. :)

  3. Very nice! I love the colors, it looks fabulous, and not at all wonky. I know my first quilt was really wonky but I still love it.

  4. That's really pretty! Thanks for dropping by my blog, with the craft foam suggestion. My son struggles mightily with the scissors, but I' going to try that. I'm a new follwer here, too. :)