Friday, December 7, 2012

We have winners!

So here is where I go all virtual ghetto on you. I pulled the numbers out of the random generator, and since I can't figure out a simple way to post a screenshot, I just did this:

Fancy, no?

I was all giddy and la-la-la when I virtually pulled the first number. 5. FIVE! Easy to count. Oh, so easy.

Then. Number 187. Seriously? You suck, random number generator. But 20 minutes later I had counted to 187 twice to be sure I had the right person.

So, the winner of the gift certificate is Melissa Ann, who has twin 3 year old girls with absolutely lovely names: Aeralind and Bronwyn. Even though they don't like dolls, maybe they like dresses?

And the winner of the scrap box is Who-lee-uh. I don't know anything about her, but I'm sure she is a person who will give a happy home to a box of wayward scraps.

Now, for the rest of you sad peeps, I have a coupon code. NotAWinner2012 will get you 20% off the stuff in the shop. I got a lot (a lot) of good advice this Giveaway Day. So I'll be putting some scrap boxes or envelopes in there as I fill them. In fact, I can just have a box sitting next to me all the time. Awesome idea, that. I think I should get a prize for thinking of it! I'll keep that code up till the end of January, unless I forget to take it down.

Hope you win something somewhere else!

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